Well the time has come, and our project is coming to an end. POP was meant to bring awareness, with or without success, it did not matter to us. Bringing awareness to poverty and the value of natural human rights were our main goals and to whomever were able to see these values portrayed, thanks. We appreciate the support and despite the lack of attention we received, it was enough for us to be able to just get to do this. Please do continue to support our cause even if we are gone, help out the poor, and advocate for human rights always. Thanks for everything and farewell



Poverty rates among NYC school students

839,705 NYC public school students , or 74% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch. Often those who qualify for these programs can be considered as “poor”. This was as of October 2018, and it was the highest it had been in 5 years. There were 811,627 city students classified as poor during the 2013-2014 academic year. Unfortunately this shows a slight increase in students experiencing poverty. However, hopefully more programs will be in place to help students and their families.

Youth Voices

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This time it’s Youth Voices!! You guys should definitely check it out we will have more information about our topic of poverty that I’m sure you guys will be interested in!

Check out my most recent post in which I talk about my YouTube presentation regarding how to alleviate poverty:

How to Alleviate Poverty

Facts about Poverty!

As I researched poverty and formulated my presentation, I was focused on criticizing the myths but did not highlight the facts as much. Thus in this blog post I will focus on 11 facts on global poverty. In the first fact, it is evident the great impact poverty has on billions of lives, specifically a half of the world population is a current state of poverty with more than 3 billion people! This is absolutely shocking but it continues to worsen as 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty with an income of about 1.25 on a daily. What is even more devastating is out of these billions 1 billion children live in these conditions. According to UNICEF 22,000 kids die because of poverty. Now these are the two facts I wish to shed light upon specifically since it is the two that are issues that us (POP) advocate for. Our slogan is People Over Poverty, (hence the name) in which we value human lives over the economic state they are forced to live in. It is horrible that due to their social class, human rights of the poor are deprived and limited. This is a major problem, children are supposed to grow and proper in order to provide for the future generations but they cannot do so if their living conditions prevent them. Now please do read the link below and read through the facts, it is an excellent article with statistics to back up the facts and provides much more insight on poverty. Thanks for reading!

Quotable #79: Poverty

Quotable #79: Poverty

Quotable #79: Poverty
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Here are some great quotes about poverty. The one specifically mentioned is poverty in cities is, most of the time, ignored or overlooked which quite frankly is true. In NYC for example many pedestrians do not even share a glance with a homeless person whether it be a child or elderly person. This is a problem, and despite cities being very much busy it does not hurt to take a moment out of your time to help. Spread support and don’t ignore the problem!

Poverty Gap

All values above are represented in billions. The poverty gap is defined as the differences between the threshold(previous post) and expenses. Blue represents all NYC residents. Gray represents single non elderly adults. Red represents families with children. Yellow represents families with children under 4. Pink represents families with children under 3.